TDL Gundog Whistle with Lanyard

TDL Gundog Whistle with Lanyard

Achieve Reliable Recall

Teaching your dog to come when called will help keep them safe whilst also affording them more freedom. The TDL Dog Whistle for recall training helps you train your dog to follow your command to come back. Used in conjunction with the treats or play time, this dog whistle gradually convinces your dog that returning to you is a positive and rewarding behaviour. A humane alternative to a shock collar and easier to hear at a distance than a clicker, the TDL Dog Whistle is a must-have addition to your puppy and dog training aids.

Easy and Consistent

The TDL Dog Training Whistle emits a very high-pitched tone that is solid and unchanging, no matter who is using it. This allows you and your spouse to participate in recall training with the same effect on your dog. Its high-frequency sound carries farther than the human voice or the sound of a clicker so you can practice close and distance control effectively. When your dog learns to be responsive from across an open expanse, you can give them more leeway off-lead for a more fulfilling quality of life. Whilst both of our pitches are ideal for any breed, this is longer ranging and ideal for breeds that roam further such as pointers and other gun dogs.

Non-Toxic and Portable

Our plastic dog whistle is lightweight, durable and easy to blow. The whistle can be tucked into a pocket or you can wear it around your neck on the included woven lanyard, where it will be ready in an instant. Ergonomic and attractive, the TDL Dog Training Whistle for recall is travel-friendly for road trips with your pet, tucking into a glove compartment or with other dog things in a backpack for learning on-the-go.

Teach your dog to come when called. Add the TDL Recall Whistle for dog training to your basket today.

✅ CONDITION YOUR DOG to come when called by using our Dog Training Whistle for recall. Used with a reward system of treats or playtime, the TDL Dog Whistle teaches reliable recall of your pup.

✅ ULTRA HIGH PITCH emitted by the TDL Dog Whistle is more easily heard by dogs’ ears. Its solid tone at a single high frequency allows the whole family to perform consistent whistle dog training. This is also a good frequency for most dog breeds and specifically for Gun Dogs and Pointers that roam further..

✅ DETECTABLE LONG DISTANCE for control both close and far field, our Dog Whistle is more effective than other training & behaviour aids for dogs and allows them more freedom throughout daily life. Even longer ranging than our other TDL Whistle!

✅ FOOD-GRADE PLASTIC TDL Dog Whistle is non-toxic, durable and easy to blow. Our Whistle measures just 8 cm x 1.9 cm for easy carrying with other dog essentials.

✅ NECK LANYARD lets you wear the TDL Dog Whistle. Your hands are free to issue treats or engage in play. When not in use, hang it with leads, treat pouches and other dog training aids.